This site is currently under re-construction. Soon (early 2020) I will be launching a great and inclusive value-for-money Membership site where you will not only be able to receive training in biblical dream interpretation from me but also practise what you learn within the safety of a members only site. Over the years I have learned that the 'HOW-to' of dream interpretation is the easy part, it's the actually doing of it which is the big challenge, so we're making it easy for you to really get good at this important biblical skill. The new site (which you will be able to access from here) will give you all the tools to learn how and the opportunity to practise with us mentoring and coaching you at a truly amazing price per month. So keep a look out here for the launch announcement or sign up to be notified by signing up on the Contact page - click here!

TONY COOKE at TBNuk Studios

Photograph thanks to TBNuk

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