You Can Get Your Dream Interpreted by Tony & Dwee Cooke and their team!

Complete the form below fully. Each dream interpreted will cost you £10GBP. To purchase an interpretation simply click on this link:  (- no, you don't need a PayPal account as you can pay via your credit card on the PayPal site) - and YES, we do check that you have paid! You will receive an acknowledgement for your payment. Then complete the form below IN FULL and email to us where indicated. Under normal circumstances, you can expect your dream to be interpreted and emailed back to you within 10 days. Thank you! N.B. Please be aware that by submitting a dream we may ask you for permission to use your dream for teaching purposes. [Please Note: We have been asked by some why we charge for dream interpretation. The reasons are practical ones: we have to pay to keep this website going; interpreting dreams properly and individually takes time and that is valuable; we also charge to limit the number of dreams we are sent as we have become overwhelmed by the demand; finally, we are trying to equip others to interpret dreams rather than rely on us!]

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