Dream Lab

Dream Lab is the perfect follow-up to the face-to-face Workshop Making Sense of Your Dreams. Those who have taken Making Sense of Your Dreams can come along and gain more practice in interpreting dreams Biblically alongside master dream interpreters Tony & Dwee Cooke. This really helps people embed what they have learned in the Making Sense of Your Dreams Workshops and it's terrific fun as well as being highly instructional. Fee: £30 per person. Discounts for groups are available.

Cultivating The Garden of Your Heart

Feedback from people who have attended this Workshop has been humbling; lives impacted and changed and their relationship with Jesus profoundly restored and renewed. The Workshop is highly interactive yet contemplative and is led by Tony & Dwee Cooke to prepare you for personal growth in the coming season in your walk with Jesus Christ. Fees are dependent on the format of the Workshop but a day's event usually costs £35 per person, with discounts for group bookings.

Using Dreams For Outreach - Let Us Teach You How!

One of our passions is to make use of dreams as an effective means of outreach. Interpreting dreams is non-confrontational and culturally very popular. At msyd.co.uk we have been using outreach for over 10 years and we love it! We will come and teach you HOW to run an outreach, how to train your team and how to interact with the public. Email Tony Cooke at tony@msyd.co.uk to discuss your situation. Costs are determined once we have assessed and discussed your requirements but are based around £20.00 per person for the day.

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